Our dogs are hand selected from the best British lines available. The traits we are looking for out of our retrievers are intense game finding ability and heart to never give up. Typical British dogs that were being imported in from the UK in the past developed a reputation of being soft and spooky. When selecting the breeding stock for our facility we are careful to stay far away from those traits. Our clients in the United States need a dog that has some intensity and drive, but an off switch. These dogs need to have an intense love of water because we primarily hunt waterfowl over water. All of these things are taken into consideration when we select a male or female to add to our breeding program. Each and every one of our breeding dogs carries the intense drive and determination, but with the off switch British dogs are known for.




Our boys come from the best of the best pedigrees in the UK and carry the attributes that we look for in our future puppies. All of our sires hunt with the team and prove their ability day in and day out in the competition field as well as the duck blind. We breed dogs we enjoy hunting with to ensure that we have the best odds at producing a dog that you would enjoy in the field.



Our girls carry a big job; not only do they raise the puppies. They also give the puppies a majority of their traits and behavior. That is why our females are just as strongly bred as our males. Each one of our females was trained prior to breeding to ensure they were a dog that we would hunt with and be pleased with the results. Every female lives in a home environment and starting in 2015 any new female added to our program is placed in a hunting/competition home so that they are able to show what they are made of in the field as well as in the home.